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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi Blog.

Yes, it's been just that busy. Perhaps the best way to catch you up on the first 7 months of 2009 is through events & pictures. That's what life seems to be these days! ...
Jan- Donovan and I are official 1/17/09, Shana's Bday & Charmaine's 2nd visit!
Feb- Seni turned 19 (2-6) and Valentines Day in Cali :)
Mar- Junior League training in Albuquerque and my oldest cousin Rho Jay's wedding.
Apr- Heart Ball- performed a Michael Jackson medly forthe 80's highlighting, "THRILLER"!!!
May- Mothers Day and my best friend since 7th grade, Jynn's wedding in Palm Springs ;) Oh and I became the cheer coach/director of the City of Las Vegas, Jam Squad!
June- I graduated with my MBA, D's bday!, Fathers Day fun, and I lost the musical love of my life, Michael Jackson...(6-25-09)God, I'm sad.
July- 4th of July! Grand Canyon with my beau and the boys, Phoenix- celebrating and dog/house sitting with bf Tracy too! Sis Tabby and the boys too!
Okay see you in 6th months ;) NO, not really ;) Sooner, promise.
So much to share but so little time. Somewhere between these events was work, homework, Church, Junior League meetings, meetings meetings, cheer practice, starting a Non-prof with Shana(see flyer pic!), bikram yoga, thinking , loving, sleeping, dreaming... and at some point, breathing.