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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun with 31!

I am 31 (and tons of fun!) and excited for what 2011 has in store for The Stewarts! I no longer think about things as in "How will I? What's in store for me? Where am I going?" No its "US!" I'm so elated that the other part of US is Donovan and I do feel like I'm in a dream but at the same time living the reality I've been waiting for and it is really happening!
I had my first Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas and New Years as a Mrs. and celebrated with my family and tremendous well wishes from friends- this is truly what it is all about.

In the midst of it all I experienced a roller coaster with my career this past year end and it has invigorated my drive and ambition- which is the opposite of what "setbacks" are intended to do- but, what a great shake up! Marriage, honeymoon, career loops, business building (go Arbonne!), holidays and here I am- WE are!!! Again, God provides what you need and gives you WHO you need in your corner. I believe I've got the best ;)